WRITE NOW - An Introduction

A writing programme designed to identify writers who have the special gift of telling stories. Through a two-stage selection process, we will select the most talented storytellers and take them through an 8-day mentoring programme that will culminate in each of the selected writers having completed his/her short story manuscript.

Write Now is a unique opportunity for aspiring writers aged 9 and up to get published by Scholastic-Quill Club Writers.

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  • Write Now Junior- for ages 9 to 17 years
  • Write Now Adults: for ages 18 to 90

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The Write Now programme was formed in April 2020 by a partnership between Scholastic and Quill Club Writers.

  • With a legacy of over 100 years, Scholastic is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books and a leader in educational technology and children’s media.

  • Quill Club Writers has been working with children across schools in India and has so far mentored and published over 1,100 school children in 60 books, and counting. It has worked with over 50 schools across the country.

Write your way into the publishing world!

Give voice to your characters, build your own world in your stories.

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Meet The Mentors

Hemant Kumar

Journalist, Novelist, Mentor & Founding Editor, Quill Club Writers

Ruchira Mittal

Writer, Editor, Mentor, Broadcaster & Founding Editor, Quill Club Writers

Alisha Attarwala

Mentor, Editor, Writer & Strategist

Swati Rajgarhia

Mentor, Editor


  • Write Now Junior: ages 9 to 17 years
  • Write Now Adults: ages 18 and up

  • Registration Fee: Rs 395.
  • 1. Includes two levels of selection tests.

    2. Also includes a scholastic e-voucher of Rs. 395, Redeemable at:

    1. www.bit.ly/scholasticreadathome

    2. www.bit.ly/scholasticlearnathomepack

    3. https://bit.ly/scholasticgreatreads (For young adults and adults)

  • Mentorship Fee (if both levels of selection are cleared) Rs. 11000* (for the 8-day; 16-hour mentoring programme).
    * GST applicable

  • A desktop or a laptop, equipped with a camera, microphone and speakers.
  • A steady internet connection.
  • Installation of Zoom Video Conferencing App (https://zoom.us).
  • An email account which would be used to send a mail during the test session.
  • Using a smart phone, tablet or ipad is not allowed.

  • Compulsory attendance on all 8 days of the mentoring sessions (2 hours a day).
  • Only original ideas and writing is allowed. The stories shall not contain any content/text/ideas which is not entirely the own work of the writer.
  • The stories cannot contain content that can hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect, religion, institution, organisation and nationality. Further, the stories shall in no manner contain any content that maybe offensive to any reader or class of readers, including and not limited to content which is sexual, vulgar and obscene in nature. The decision of the mentor in the selection of the story and its contents will be final.

  • The book will be ready for release approximately 5-6 months after the completion of the mentoring schedule. It goes through a process of editing, proof reading, design and layout before it is launched.
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